The Original Light for Counters, Islands

Original Over-Counter Light by JWhenever you see a kitchen island or long counter in a home, typically you will find multiple pendants lighting the work space from above. From a decorating point of view, these look very nice. But from a lighting point of view, you can wind up with shadows and dark spots in an area where good lighting is crucial. You don’t want to be slicing and dicing in the dark!

I have wanted to create an overhead fixture that provides bright, even light over linear spaces for a long time. The Original Over-Counter Light from my new company, BlackJack Lighting, is that design.  Two energy-saving 32W linear fluorescent T8 lamps behind a special prismatic acrylic lens do the job quite nicely. The lens prevents glare and diffuses the light evenly without reducing its brightness.

OVER COUNTER IN OFFICE at 6.02.39 PMI know what you’re thinking: Why restrict the Original Over-Counter Light to a spot above counters and kitchen islands? I agree! It’s a great choice for other rooms. Consider using it above desks, in long hallways, or laundry rooms: In short, any place you need bright, even illumination from a great-looking, energy-efficient fixture. The Original Over-Counter Light,and other BlackJack Lighting designs are now available on Y Lighting.


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